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Rene Hamlet – Ms West Coast wins US Ms World

Update:  Rene has won!


Rene is a Washington native and model preparing for competing in the Ms US World.  Rene approaches the stage confident, attending the event having previously won the Ms. West Coast World 2017

rene-krystle-hamlet Ms. West Coast gathers local support on way to Ms US World

Rene has paid mind toward developing her portfolio, established herself as a well-versed digital entrepreneur, and has also maintained a grounded, philanthropic approach to much of the way she spends her time.  Congratulations to Rene for winning the Ms West Coast 2017, and we can’t help but think you’re an excellent choice to win it all at the Ms US World!

 Ms. US World

“Ms. World encourages and empowers the women of today.  Providing each candidate the opportunity for personal growth, self-expression and development – through stage presence, public speaking and international travel opportunities we recognize women’s strengths and accomplishments.  With integrity, strong moral values, and promoting intelligent women of today Ms. World provides unique opportunities for all women to achieve their goals.”

Rene’s Ms US World Announcement

I am so proud to announce that I have been crowned Ms. West Coast World 2017 and will represent the West Coast in the 2017 Ms US World and Ms. World Pageant to be held at the Everett Performing Arts Center in Everett Washington.  The mission of the pageant is to empower women across the nation by:

* Celebrating their accomplishments.
* Encouraging involvement in community service.
* Promoting, honoring & advancing the status of women.

Holistic arts, empowerment, & reiki healing

Reiki re-balances the body and cognitive systems which serves to aid in pain relief used as part of long-term preventive therapy. Reiki helps heals and ease the body, mind and soul.

On your first session I will go over what concerns you have and what to expect.  You will be fully clothed.  I work with energy centers in and around the body so the most you will feel is a gentle touch. You may experience an increase in the flow of qi life force by harnessing the power of universal energy.  Some feel relaxed while others experience deep states of meditation. The re-balancing may continue over several days.  After releasing toxins, you will want to drink A LOT of water over that time. My sessions are an hour and include intuitive guidance in a comfortable and safe setting.
How to set intentions for Solstice or the New Year. Needed: 3×5 cards, writing utensil, other art supplies optional.

1) Reflect upon the past year. Then, on the first card write down all your accomplishments.

2 ) On a second card write down all the things that you want to let go of like negative attitudes, beliefs, actions, toxicity, etc.

3) Take the third card and write down your intentions for the new year. These may range from big things to little things. Visualize them and feel them. BUT, you cannot attach yourself to the outcome! Set the intention but leave room for the unexpected.

4) Next, flip the card over and write down what actions you can take to help move things along. You might simply need to create more room for new opportunities to come. Sometimes, through writing we discover intentions we did not know we had.”

Reiki healing & holistic arts

Affordable Search Engine Optimization Packages

Look out for us venturing into the Seattle SEO scene. Utilizing a strategy revolving around synergy among our network of affiliates, we’ve expanded services to Seattle for SEO & digital marketing. Project Manager and point of contact for client relations in Seattle is Travis Rose.

Travis is personable as well as knowledgeable, predominantly in the back-end engineering side of network coordination, systems administration, and network security.

You may have heard Google’s algorithms use more than 200 factors to determine coveted first page results on its search engine, but SEO and local marketing have one simple goal – increase exposure to your brand.

If you imagine each listing for your business is interpreted by search engines as a referral – you’d want each listing to be consistent with the next. right?The more referrals citing the same information, the more credibility you have with search engines.


Search engines’ first page is still more important than ever- accounting for more than 80% of all clicks per month.How many is that do you ask?Around 80 billion searches per month.Why stop there?  Appearing in more searches translates to being relevant association, which further increases your presence online.


The beauty of local SEO is that there’s no limit or restraints.Monitor your progress with tangible results.  30 days of SEO often leads to a staggering 200-400% increase in exposure by measure of organic impressions.Organic impression refers to those who saw your website listed while searching for a particular phrase or keyword.

The impact?




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